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YouPower specializes in calculating and installing Off Grid systems. Many people and companies already have solar panels. They put electricity back on the net and buy it back for the same price. Alternative energy is currently widely used and will in the future become more and more part of the daily energy requirement. Our system allows us to store the remaining energy in batteries with which we bridge nights and peaks.

“February 2, the day our green energy was up”
source: VRT

“New study warns: possible power shortage from 2025, but nuclear exit not
unachievable “
source: Nieuwsblad

Our innovative technology enables companies and individuals to completely shut down from any distribution network. A “Full Option” system ensures that anyone can fully rely on self- generated energy. Imagine not having an electricity meter anymore, no prosumers rate, no heavy connection costs, administrative costs, or invoices from an electricity company.

YouPower has the know-how and skills to run your entire office / warehouse / … completely autonomously with its own generated energy. Our system has no limit to energy requirements. We calculate and measure how much energy is necessary and adapt it.

We can proudly say that we currently have the largest autonomous installation in Belgium.

“Who will pay smart meters?”
Source: VTM
“Specialist explains how it should be done”
Source: HLN
“Fleming gets digital meter pushed through the throat”
Source: De standaard

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